Background – Covers & Cases



We will talk about reliability and breakage rate elsewhere in this site but one of the errors we made in this project was not insisting all iPads were kept in a case. The Authority did not budget for covers and while we requested pupils cover the iPads we did not insist on it, as we believed that we would only have them for a few months.

Also, all types of covers are not equal as almost all damage occurred as a result of drops and some of the most popular covers provided no protection at all from this.


Types of covers

Folio Black Leather Case / Cover / Wallet and Flip Stand


This type of cover gives a reasonable degree of drop protection and folds onto a stand for typing or viewing videos. It also represents good value for money starting at less than £10. We found this type of cover offered the best all round solution.




Survivor Military Duty Case with Stand


While relatively expensive at £25+ each they offer by far the best protection and will undoubtedly save their cost in repairs over a period of time. The do not have a particularly convenient stand for typing on.



Magnetic Flip Smart Skin Cover and Stand


While these covers are cheap starting at around £5 each and act as a stand for typing, they offer no protection. We have found to our cost that in the tough environment of education they are absolutely useless.





Neoprene Sleeve / Pouch / Case / Cover


These are again as cheap at less than £5 and offer limited protection when the device is in the bag. They however have no stand and offer no protection when the device is in use and are best avoided.




(Prices taken from Amazon on May 2013)