6th March 2015

ArtPhotoArt Project
A group of S4 pupils from have recently finished two murals which have been displayed in the school hallway. The paintings were inspired by the work of the artist James Cowie, who was a former Principal Teacher at Bellshill Academy. The pupils worked on and finished the murals in their own time after school and everyone was delighted with the final outcome. A small unveiling took place on Tuesday 24th of March where QIO of Expressive Arts, Irene Pandolfi was invited to attend together with Head Teacher Anne Munro, other members of staff and some S1 pupils. Many thanks to Mrs Claire Campbell in the Art department for supporting the pupils throughout this project and congratulations to the students for producing such a fantastic piece of work.

MSYP Elections
The MSYP (Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament) elections have been taking place in school throughout the week. Our very own Louise Aitken (S5) is standing along with our current MSYP Jordan Linden. All pupils have had the opportunity to vote and Louise and Jordan have held assemblies and meetings in school during the past few days.

World Book Day
To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 5th March, the English department, led by Miss Joanne Wilson and Mr Jack Maguire, have organised a range of activities and quizzes for students and staff. Staff in all departments have supported this by allowing all S1-3 classes 10 minutes private reading at the start of every period. The department has also organised two charity Readathon competitions, “The Shelfie”+“Just A Phrase You’re Going Through”, which will run from Monday 2nd March – 13th March inclusive. There will be draw of all winning entries on 13th March with two Top Prizes of £50 worth of Tesco Vouchers. Displays are in the school foyer and the English Department. The competitions are open to students, parents, carers and staff.

XL Projects
The Third and Fourth year XL groups at Bellshill Academy have been working hard to raise funds for the Queen Street Appeal Fund. Over Christmas both groups ran enterprise projects. The third year pupils made and sold reindeer food, badges and bracelets while the fourth year group made and sold personalised Christmas baubles. These business ventures proved very profitable resulting in the groups raising an incredible £145.67 for the Appeal Fund. Well done to all pupils involved for raising such a great amount of money for a fantastic cause.

NL Dance Championships
We are delighted that a large number of our S1-S3 pupils and two senior students, will have the opportunity to participate in the NL Dance Championships at Airdrie Town Hall on Thursday 12 March. This is a big event and the pupils are looking forward to taking part in it.