Tech1The following covers the steps that were taken to configure the iPads for pupils to use as their own personal device and as class sets.  The initial set up was created when we received the first set of iPad 1s.   There have been many changes since the original iPad 1s were bought especially how the changes in the iOS have affected the settings that can be controlled on the iPad both at the device and from the cloud.

When we started the project there was very few management tasks that could be accomplished remotely.  Apple provided a profile manager that could remotely configure and check each iPad but this was limited as the iPads could only be accessed by the software while in the school and on the network.  It also required to be updated with each update of the iPad’s OS.  We have now moved over to Meraki which is cloud based and includes more management functions.

The section ‘What we would do differently’  is based on what is available now and our experiences with managing different sets of iPads.

We are not only managing the iPads but we are also developing our own apps and web based materials that will work on mobile devices.