Staff List 2018


Head Teacher

Mrs Jodie McGraw 

Depute Headteachers

Mrs Lesley Heffernan  (Acting DHT)

Mr John McGuire

Mr Alistair Scott (Acting DHT)

Mr G Webb

Language and Communication Department

Mr J Maguire PT (Acting)

Mr A Scott (DHT)

Mrs J Casement (PT Pupil Support)

Mr D Alexander PT Nurture (Acting)

Miss L Moore PT Literacy (PEF)

Mrs J McGraw (HT)

Ms J. McHugh 

Ms C. Hannaway 

Modern Languages Department

Mr A Moore PT

Mr R Kirkwood

Humanities Department

Mr K Sexton PT

Mr C Nicolson (PT Pupil Support)

Mrs F Higgins (PT Pupil Support Acting)

Mrs A Lavery

Mr C Snelling PT Wider Achievement and Outdoor Learning (PEF)

Mr  M Reilly

Sciences Department

Mr B McBride PT

Miss E Kelly

Mr J McGuire (DHT)

Mr D Smith

Miss R Lafferty

Miss S Cahill

Mathematics Department

Ms A Davidson PT

Mr G Ferguson

Mrs C McRoberts (PT Pupil Support)

Mr D Brown

Mrs D Lawrie

Mrs J Barr PT Numeracy (PEF)

 Art, Design and Technology Department

Mr J Campbell PT

Mrs M Higgins PT (Acting) 

Mr K Bell

Miss J Ainslie 

Mr A Ramsay

Mr J Johnston

Mrs C Campbell – (Job Share)

Miss L Coffey – (Job Share)

Miss K Arrol

Business & Creative Technologies Department

Mrs L Heffernan (DHT)

Mrs L Potter  (Acting PT)

Mrs K Robertson

Mrs N Mancisidor

Mrs A Pryde

Mr P Ruddy

Support for Learning/Inclusion Department

Ms J Ainslie (Acting PT)

Mrs C Ashby

Mrs Z Haining

Mrs I Stewart

Mrs J Barr

Mrs C Batty

Ms L Clark

Ms J Irwin

Ms D Clark

Performing Arts Department

Mrs I Stewart PT (Job Share)

Mrs M Gormley PT (Job Share)

Miss H Boyd (Music)

Mrs C Campbell (Drama)

Mrs K Cunningham (Drama)


Mrs Paterson (Brass)

Mr McKenna (Drumkit)
Mr Cowan (Bagpipes)
Mr Henderson (Pipe drumming)
Mr Young (Guitar)
Mrs Woods (Woodwind)

P.E. Department

Mrs C Anderson PT

Mr D Clark

Miss G Simonini

Miss A O’Donohue