School Uniform

School dress


Blazer                                  Black
School Shirt/Blouse          White only with School Tie
School Skirt/Trousers       Black (no trainers, jeans, shorts, leggings, casual wear or combat trousers)
Shoes                                  Black dress shoes (no white or light coloured trainers or laces)

Special dress requirements

Physical Education
Physical Education is a compulsory element of the school curriculum. PE kit must be brought to EVERY PE period even with an excuse note. The following kit should be provided for PE:
•        white T-shirt
•        black shorts
•        socks
•        training shoes and a towel (when out of doors)
•        black tracksuit trousers can be worn in cold weather.


For reasons of hygiene, it is important that all pupils have a change of kit and footwear for PE. Training shoes worn outdoors cannot be worn in the Games Hall. Grit from outdoor shoes will damage the wooden floor. Jewellery must not be worn in PE to comply with Health and Safety.

Home Economics
For practical lessons all pupils are expected to comply with the following:-
•        Jewellery should not be worn on days when practical activities are undertaken.
•        Nail varnish should not be worn on days when practical cooking is undertaken
•        Pupils with long hair should tie it back, and midlength hair should be held back off the face with the use of an appropriate headband.

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