Music S1 and S2

In the music department in first and second year your child will have the opportunity to develop listening skills and compose as well as learning to play a variety of classroom instruments including:


Keyboard, Tuned and Untuned Percussion, Guitar and Drumkit


Pupils learn to play, listen, compose and read music through the study of a variety of Topics and Musical Styles:


S1 – Families of the Orchestra, Latin American Music, Reggae and Scottish Music

S2 – Instruments of the Orchestra, World music, Blues and Jazz, Music and The Media, Pop and Scottish Music


Each topic lasts approximately 6 weeks. At the end of each topic pupils are assessed on performing skills and understanding music (listening and literacy). Keyboard, Guitar and Drumkit progress are monitored through continuous assessment.


S1 and S2

Homework tasks are issued to support the listening and literacy elements of the course. The course in S1/2 is topic based. Each topic lasts for approximately six weeks and a series of compulsory Home Learning tasks (including historical and cultural context, musical literacy and musical concepts) are issued throughout the session.

In addition pupil are encouraged where possible to access alternative sources e.g. books, internet, family discussions etc in order to reinforce the knowledge of each topic.

Homework is marked by the class teacher.

Pupils taking instrumental instruction are expected to practise on a daily basis.





S1/ S2 Useful websites for music.


The following websites contain useful information to enhance the S1/S2 curriculum. As well as providing additional information many of the sites have audio/video clips as well as quizzes and worksheets. Enjoy!


Information Covering All Topics, Online Concepts Dictionary and Revision


Information Covering Some Topics – Includes Games


Guides to Orchestral Instruments


Guide to Orchestral and Band Instruments


Latin American Music


Reggae Music








Scottish Music



World Music – S2 only

Sitar and Tabla and Gamelan




African Drumming


All three topics  (Look at Access 3, Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2)



Reading and Writing Music (Includes games and some music technology)



Playing Keyboard, Drums and Guitar,