Partnership with Parents’ 27/02/2019

Dear Parent/Carer    

I am absolutely delighted to share with you that after a series of interviews I have been offered the post of head teacher in Bellshill Academy. I am very pleased as I have worked in the school for a number of years and have a high regard for your community and great affection for the young people.

By working in partnership with the wider school community, our aim is to help all our young people secure rewarding futures in life and work and believe that parents are a key influence on their attainment and achievement. To this end, I welcome further opportunities to consult with you and invite you to take part in the next stage of our school’s development. Listed below are some of the initiatives we currently offer but I would welcome your views if you can think of anything else we could do.

Curricular workshops and information sessions                            Solihull parenting workshops

Understanding your Child’s course                                               Parental workshops

Family cooking groups                                                                  Mental health parents information sessions

Family social events e.g. Bingo and quiz nights                            Family movie nights

Online Safety information sessions for parents                             Study skills nights

Parents’ meetings                                                                          Evaluation/ Feedback forms

Transition events                                                                           UCAS and options evenings


I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of our tracking and reporting procedures. We will update you on your child’s progress at various points throughout the academic year by issuing your child with tracking reports and a report with comments.


Parents receive one report with comments in October for S1, January for S2 and May for S3 and two tracking reports which record progress and ratings for effort, behaviour and homework in each subject. In addition to these reports, parents are able to consult subject teachers about their children’s progress at the annual Parents’ Meeting.


Reports are issued in September, November, January and March. At various relevant points throughout the session class teachers will make comments on these reports. Full reports will be issued in January after our prelims. In addition to these reports, parents are able to consult subject teachers about their children’s progress at the annual Parents’ Meeting.

If you have partnership ideas or suggestions for improving communication, please contact the school by either completing this tear off slip contacting me using the above details.  Please also remember you can contact the school any time if you have questions or concerns.

I would like to take the opportunity again to say how delighted I am to be continuing the great work of the school and look forward to working in partnership with you and your wonderful young people.

Yours faithfully

Mrs. Jodie McGraw