Digital Day 2019

Senior pupils took part in a DIgital Day workshop with Glasgow digital agency Equator. Pupils learned about what happens in a typical day in the digital industry and examples of work that Equator have completed for big companies. Pupils then carried out a task to develop a solution to problems set by sponsors Wimbledon, Micro:Bit and EPAM Systems. Pupils had very innovative ideas and the jusdges were impressed. Congratulations to the winning team of Lewis Stewart, Keesha Small, Jennifer Robertson, A-Jay McGraw and Blaire Williams-Alba!

S1 John Muir Group 2019/20

The S1 John Muir Group 2019/20 have started working on their Explorer Award this term. They will spend 10 full days in the outdoors, exploring the natural environment around Bellshill.

The award involves 4 sections:
– Discover a natural environment
– Explore the area in depth
– Conserve the environment
– Share their learning

Last week the group met for the first time and learned who John Muir was and why he was a key figure in conservation. They have started work on their John Muir display board and will build on it each week.

This week they DISCOVERED the Greenlink paths connecting Bellshill to Strathclyde Park. The pupils used their artistic skills to create leaf drawings, paint river pebbles, and they took photos of the day.