iPad Project



In late 2011 North Lanarkshire Council decided to run a large scale 1:1 trial of tablet devices in schools and Bellshill Academy was chosen to be the Pilot school. The Learning Centre, which is the authority’s in-house multimedia unit isituated inside the school campus, were asked to provide technical support to the school during this project. Subsequently the school was asked to become part of a larger Scottish Government trial conducted by Hull University.

When the trial started tablet computing was in its infancy within Scottish Education and Bellshill Academy was forced to find its own solutions to problems no one knew existed. This resulted in an original and distinctive approach to managing and using tablet devices within a bog standard council run secondary. Since we were asked by Apple to talk at their Learning Through Technology Tour we have been literally inundated with requests for help from individual schools, local authorities and educational organisations. While we have always been happy to share our experiences, we are unable to respond to all the requests we receive and have therefore decided to create a section within our school site to explain how we have managed tablet computers inside the school.

In the following pages you will see slides from our presentation and copies of key documents like our acceptable use policy and our technical set up sheet. We hope in time to also include video clips of our pupils views of using iPads as part of their education.