At Bellshill Academy we encourage all of our young people to aspire for excellence in everything they do. We have high expectations of all our students, particularly where national qualifications are concerned.

Partnership with parents/carers

We believe that homework plays an important role in your son/daughter’s learning, and is crucial in developing good study habits. Research has shown that the single most important factor in a student’s learning at school is the interest taken by parents/carers in their work.

When parents and schools work together, our young people do better.

To support this partnership, we have recently redesigned our student study planners to enable your son/daughter to record their achievements, what they have learned and how well they have learned in classes. These planners will not only enable students to keep a record of their learning for revision purposes, but will also enable you to monitor more closely your son/daughter’s progress at school.


The study planner also allows our students to record specific homework issued by class teachers, the purpose of which will be:

  • to prepare for the next lesson
  • to extend or complete work done in class
  • to learn how to organise and manage their time
  • to take more responsibility for their own learning
  • to practise and build on what they have learned at school
  • to provide focus for assessments and exams

There are various types of homework which your child may be asked to complete such as:

  • written exercises
  • research topic/project work
  • reading
  • finishing off work started in class
  • extension tasks
  • revision work

Where there are no set tasks, it is the responsibility of students to revise throughout the year and to read and think about the subjects they haves studied that day, reflecting on what they have learned.

How much homework should my son/daughter do?

This is always a difficult question to answer.

As a rough guide, we suggest the following:

S1 – S3 30-60 minutes per night

S4 – S6 one to two hours per night.

Pupils preparing for National Qualifications should engage in regular revision and study in addition to set homework.

Our expectations of students at Bellshill Academy are that they should:

  • bring their study planner to school every day
  • record homework in their planner
  • hand homework in on time
  • complete homework to the best of their ability
  • plan their time effectively so that they can get help or support before homework deadlines

How you can help

You can support your son/daughter by monitoring the quality of homework and encouraging them to complete homework to the best of their ability.

Tips for parents

  • Provide a quiet place for your son/daughter to work undisturbed by distractions
  • Help your son/daughter get into a regular routine for completing homework
  • Discuss homework with your son/daughter, check their planner and ask them what they have to do.
  • Read over the homework when it is finished. It should be well presented. If you think the work is poor, careless or untidy ask for it to be done again.
  • Find out how successful they were with their homework; what feedback did they get?
  • Pupils preparing for SQA qualifications will always have revision to do. This could involve going over work and making notes or completing sample question papers.
  • Check the school website: there may be useful links on the Links page which can help you and your child.

Study Guide

Bellshill Academy has developed a study guide for parents to help you support your son/daughter. Please click on the following link to download the study pack (0.4 Mb PDF)

Parents Study Skill Pack

Support available at Bellshill Academy

If your son/daughter is experiencing difficulty completing homework they should speak to their subject teacher in the first instance. We would recommend that, where possible, your son/daughter attempts homework tasks a few days prior to any deadlines so that they can get help if they find some aspects of the homework difficult to complete.

Most departments offer study support or homework clubs which run either at lunchtimes or after school on set days.

Procedures for non-completion of homework

Class Teachers will monitor completion and quality of homework tasks. Tutor Teachers will monitor student use of study planners each week. Where concerns arise about non-completion of homework, teachers will inform you using your son/daughter’s study planner or by letter. Your son/daughter’s Pupil Support teacher will also contact you if there are ongoing concerns regarding homework. If you are alerted to concerns, please encourage your child to return the homework at the next immediate opportunity.

Please continue to encourage your son/daughter to aim as high as they possibly can and contact your son/daughter’s Pupils Support teacher if you want more information or are concerned about homework.

Additional parental information

In response to parental feedback we have attached additional information in the department pages on homework issued by each department. This information refers in the main to set homework tasks. Some departments may also issue further homework tasks as appropriate to the nature and content of courses.